Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ICT, Display and Blockposter

I’ve only just seen Blockposters on the Ictopus news blog post of 7th September but it looked like a way of supporting a group of people in using ICT as part of a school visit to a river! (It’s not the only way we’ll use ICT )

Using this we could make a very large poster of the route of their walk and have it as the background to a wall display.

I hope too that it will become one of those hooks that start people off on a creative use of ICT for learning.

First the test your idea…
I tried a jpg of a river photo first (not bigger than 1mb) and produced a reasonable 3 x 2 ft poster.

So next make a map background....

I first created a jpg of the area I wanted. I found it on Google maps, took a ‘screen print’ of the page, pasted it into Microsoft Paint (could have used Irfanview and any other of the free picture editing application that allowing pasting), cropped it to get just what was needed. Then saved the final image as a jpg and created a landscape poster 4 pages wide.

It’s a clear print and shows all the details clearly. It will make a great back ground for…. well I know what I would do but it’s up to the group to decide what they will do with it. Share any of your good ideas with me here and I'll pass them on.

Blockbusters is an online application, with a size limit to the images and looks to be really useful for paper display as well as decorating your office with large versions of favourite digital photos. Worth a try

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