Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ipod gadget

Gadgets! love 'em...
A current favourite is the XtremeMac micromemo for the iPod video ( and for the nano too)
It’s a ‘high-fidelity’ recorder for the ipod. . it connects to the docking port and the flexible, detachable microphone captures audio. Or you can use any microphone with a 3.5mm-plug. It’s a one touch control and no extra batteries or cables are needed. Which it makes it as portable as the ipod. Dinky and useful.

The unit also acts a mini speaker of some value as recordings can be played back immediately. I’ve also found it useful for playing videos when two or three people are sitting around watching...

Recordings are saved as MP3 voice memos which are downloaded to the computer via Itunes. From there they can be imported into podcasting applications.

While away from home during the summer I travelled round with it ready set up in my pocket and recorded my progress. On return the voice messages automatically downloaded when I connected to the computer and then I’ve imported the MP3 files which sit in the My Documents> My Music>Itunes folder into Podium, made a few edits.. long spaces, odd noises removed, added a picture or two and published.

To listen to a recording subscribe to the podcast at The quality of sound is good.


Gareth Davies said...


I too have a XtremeMac Memo, but did not realise it could act as a mini speaker as well (not reading the instructions again). Isn't it a shame that Apple have not built recording into their new range of iPods - now that would make me yearn even more to upgrade to an iPod Touch. Apparently, since it has the Safari browser you might in time be able run web based recorders on it while connected to Wi-fi, but the iPod touch would need a microphone such as the Memo. I've heard that the iPhone earbuds, which have a microphone, might be the answer, or if the Touch has bluetooth, it might be possible to use a headset.


Tricia said...

A long press of the logo on the front activates the speaker.. and it's really quite good.