Sunday, February 08, 2009

The snow walk

Saturday was to be the day for setting up a new blog, but the prospect of a walk in the park , snow still on the ground and sun bright, was tempting.

I asked my fellow tweeters what I should do first, walk in the park or work on the blog? And the unanimous response of those around was to walk first and then set up blog and write about it. So no couch potatoes there.

Sadly once we were out there it was so good that that we did not return for a long time. No new blog set up :-(

Whilst out I tweeted some photos from the iphone but this was not enough, a blog post was required so here it is.

Instead of the new blog I'm showing the pictures in two ways, first new to me a Photopeach spiral (Thanks Simon Widdowson and Allanah King for sharing this at about the same time) and then using Animoto. I have an education license for this so can make longer films

Enjoy my walk

Snow in the park on PhotoPeach. Use the slider to hear the sound and click on the full screen icon to get a big picture. As well as rotating, the images can be 'pulled' around with the mouse.

Snowy walk using Animoto


Moturoa said...

Your Animoto must have taken hours to put together. LOL

The music really suits it

Allanah K

Anonymous said...

The animoto video won't play on an iPhone (because it is Flash), but there is a way around it;
If you put a link to the location of the animoto video (the one in the "your video is ready" email), then iPhones can play the video using either mobile safari or the animoto iPhone app.
Simple, and giving you a wider audience :-)

Tricia said...

Thanks Simon, I'll give it a go :-)