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A Million Futures

Million Futures via kwoutI’m flying virtual paper aeroplanes, setting down my thoughts on six questions and casting them into a blue almost cloudless, virtual sky for others to read.

It’s the Million Futures survey setting out to find out what we, the people, think are the biggest challenges for education in the future and to then use the paper aeroplane notes when considering that future of education. The project is from Beyond Current Horizons and Future Lab (supporting new approaches to learning)

The Future Lab newsletter that appears in my mail box regularly says,

“ Million Futures aims to identify what people think are the biggest challenges facing education in the future. Visit this new website and write your thoughts about future life and learning on virtual paper planes which you can launch into a virtual sky. You can also explore what other people have written, and a lesson plan is available for teachers. The results will help to inform the Beyond Current Horizons project “
I’m s…
For few years now when talking to early years practitioners and school leaders about ICT in the early years and the entitlement of children learn in an environment that reflects and builds on their real life experiences I’ve talked about the normality of the ICT the children are immediately immersed in.

I’ve given the examples of the birth photo distributed by mobile phone, the web cam video conferencing, automatic doors, controllable toys in Mothercare and toys’r’us, computers in the home, in fact the technology we have observed developing but they are born into.Some have called these children digital natives.

As they grow and use normal ICT tools these young people (and ourselves) are leaving digital tracks, some they don’t know about and increasingly they need to be aware of this, to take control of and manage their digital foot print.

Today the Digital Natives Blog entry Digital Shadowson this theme includes a video Digital Dossierworth looking at and sharing with educators and youn…