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Netscape - hey ho...

In his book The World is Flat, globalisation in the 21st Century – 2007 Thomas Friedman identifies 10 events/ innovations as world flatteners.

The second of these is about to be discontinued.From February this year Netscape Navigator will no longer be developed or supported.

Apparently over the last few years most of the people working on Netscape have moved over to Mozilla and are working on Firefox. And it would seem it's use is growing, possibly as an alternative to IE7 , 37 % use today according to PC World Techlog

So perhaps we will be OK and the world will remain flat in the safe hands of Firefox. I enjoy using Firefox, can't pin it down, just feel comfortable using it and its plugins

Life, times and monitors

Such a relief ..When one of the two main working monitors died recently it was a blow.. it’s amazing howaccustomed you get to using two monitors, moving pages from one to another, copying and pasting from one documents to another so easily, havinglots of documents up to read at once, the freedom a large work space gives.So there I was shackled to one monitor with pages and working documents stacked on top of on another, considering the options.Should I replace the dead one with another or buy a more modern matching pair to pander to my need for symmetry?Everywhere I lookedthelatest wide screens were being pushed but a visit to PC world showed thattwo wide screen ‘gaming’ monitors would have no advantagea busy non-gamerOK a ‘normal’ pair of LCD monitors then.. Perhaps bigger.. up to 19 inch ( still cheaper than a new pair of glasses). Where to start? PC Pro recommends one, worth following up, but every one has sold out, not one to be found. So back to the drawing board.In the process o…

The online safety debate rumbles on

Hot on the heels of last weekend’s guidance and/or warnings about using social networking sites comes this coup by facebook users united in cyberspace. Power to the people.

As a side issue during the week Bobbie Johnson in the Guardian highlighted Online investigations into job candidates could be illegal
“Companies could be infringing privacy if they dig up information about job applicants from social networking websites…”
Notice the ‘could’ …

Will these last few weeks of 2007 be seen as the tipping point for personal online security, are we ( the people…. as distinct from the e-learning community ) at the point of understanding that we just have to be careful what information we reveal about ourselves and the potential for it being misused

There’s increased support for schools and more so parents at every stage to work with children to help them develop that understanding and make good, safe use of the wonderful opportunities the World Wide Web offers. Childnet International …