Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Life, times and monitors

Such a relief ..

When one of the two main working monitors died recently it was a blow.. it’s amazing how accustomed you get to using two monitors, moving pages from one to another, copying and pasting from one documents to another so easily, having lots of documents up to read at once, the freedom a large work space gives. So there I was shackled to one monitor with pages and working documents stacked on top of on another, considering the options.

Should I replace the dead one with another or buy a more modern matching pair to pander to my need for symmetry? Everywhere I looked the latest wide screens were being pushed but a visit to PC world showed that two wide screen ‘gaming’ monitors would have no advantage a busy non-gamer

OK a ‘normal’ pair of LCD monitors then.. Perhaps bigger.. up to 19 inch ( still cheaper than a new pair of glasses). Where to start? PC Pro recommends one, worth following up, but every one has sold out, not one to be found. So back to the drawing board.

In the process of deciding I retrieved the documentation from the current, nothing special but serviceable Beliniea monitors and realised the monitor is still under guarantee… problem solved at no extra cost.

The telephone call to support was relaxed, the serial number revealed the age of the machine and an immediate on site swapout was agreed.

This morning a man in a large white van, and a gold toothed smile arrived, took a new monitor out of it’s box, replacing it with my old monitor, commenting as left that he often did this as my model had troubles with it’s fan! Well at least I’ve got two working monitors again and increased productivity. And I just hope that the second older monitor goes before the guarantee finally runs out next year.

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