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Open EYE

This morning I read Open EYE's Submission to the National Union of Teachers' Consultation on the Early Years. Open EYE are continuing their campaign for developmentally appropriate early years 'education' which they claim the new early years foundation stage requirements are not in sympathy with. The paragraph on ICT, focused on the dangers of 'the screen' referred texts in support and I must look carefully at them.

Straight away I moved onto on to 'Does Not Compute' by Aric Sigman and his Remotely Controlled.
This is a laudable debate and needs airing..I'll continue to follow it, where are the counter arguments? I've got mine to follow, share yours

Through stories

A tale of two cities….a digital fairytale for the 21st century « Mimanifesto - Jaye’s weblog
Through stories, fantasy, science fiction, parable, the word is spread. Round campfire, cup of tea, glass of wine, computer the people listen. The names are changed, the place elsewhere. The truth is out, the word is spread and people arm themselves. Things change.

Listen to a story

BETT 2009

It's that time again, BETT "The worlds largest education technology event" is held annually at Olympia, London, will indeed attract the world.

Always an exciting and interesting event it's where new educational technology is showcased and established resources revisited, experiences shared and ideas put forward through seminars and presentations and and often significantly the place where the government announce new plans, money and strategies.

Unusually this year my BETT experience started early when I joined the Learning and Technology World Forum 2009 today, taking delegates to schools and other educational establishments using technology successfully to support learning and teaching.
on the opening day January 14th I'll be "guiding" a group of visitors from the conference around the vast exhibition, helping them to get the best out of their day. I'm looking forward to helping them and considering other peoples priorities.

From Thursday I hav…