Sunday, December 02, 2007

The online safety debate rumbles on

Hot on the heels of last weekend’s guidance and/or warnings about using social networking sites comes this coup by facebook users united in cyberspace. Power to the people.

As a side issue during the week Bobbie Johnson in the Guardian highlighted Online investigations into job candidates could be illegal
“Companies could be infringing privacy if they dig up information about job applicants from social networking websites…”
Notice the ‘could’ …

Will these last few weeks of 2007 be seen as the tipping point for personal online security, are we ( the people…. as distinct from the e-learning community ) at the point of understanding that we just have to be careful what information we reveal about ourselves and the potential for it being misused

There’s increased support for schools and more so parents at every stage to work with children to help them develop that understanding and make good, safe use of the wonderful opportunities the World Wide Web offers. Childnet International has a CD ‘ Know It All For Parents which stresses just that.. and in many languages too.

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Geoff Dellow said...

Fortunately we weren't so het up and PC back in 2002 when we did a delightful project with our computer club when they talked about themselves - now of course you wouldn't recognise these young people anyway.

I really think we've gone much too far in this internet safety issue. We are so careful that it's taking up a lot of teacher time, access to useful sites is being prevented and even teachers can't send certain common attachments to each other.

Role on the year 2010 when hopefully we've woken up - or will it be 2020?