Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's your data projector displaying?

Image by Linda Hartley
I found this image in Linda Hartley's Classroom Displays group on flickr, it's created using taggalaxy a cool little resource to create a globe of tagged images from flickr.

For example use the tag 'smile' to create a globe of smiles as a starter for work on feelings and leave it on display while the children produce art work.

Any appropriate tag could be used to provide short term electronic displays when the data projector is not being used by adults or children, globes of a focus colour, bridges buildings, light houses.. the options are endless and always relevant.

Our early years PGCE students at Leicester University were tasked with working with the children to communicate to parents electronically. Lots did rolling presentations of photos or videos on theme from their placement displayed. The parents apparently loved watching the results.

Linda also has a Classroom Display blog with wide ranging contributions. You may want to add something of yours.

This April entry uses video to record children talking about creating a display.

Any other ideas for electronic display??

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