Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Terrible two's

Got one in the house at the moment!!!!! So the poem in the previous blog post was very relevant. But the other thing I found in Andy Walker's Literature review in the section on learning and the brain was the following:-

“All parents can relate to when their children went through the ‘terrible twos’.Understanding the developmental processes occurring in a typical 2 year olds brain enables you to understand their behaviour.
Around two years of age there is a large build up of connections with the brain. This is followed by a massive pruning of connections. This allows the strongest and most efficient connections to function more effectively. The often erratic behaviour at this age reflects the changes that are occurring in the brain.”

Some comfort? Well only if every other person in the park understands this too, as you try to tell the child that it's time to stop feeding the ducks and go home !!!!!!!

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