Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A new review

For some this is a hopeful sign.

From ‘the man of the moment’ Sir Jim Rose, already leading the government’s independent Review of the Primary Curriculum, (not to be confused at all with the Cambridge University, independent, wide ranging,’ Primary Review of the condition and future of primary education in England’) and reviewing some key Early Years Foundation Stage Goals as well as recently reviewing and reporting on the teaching of reading we hear:

Today I am launching a website, ( improving educational outcomes for children with dyslexia) which asks teachers, parents, children, young people and others with an interest in dyslexia to let me have their views and experiences, to help me develop recommendations to Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families, on the identification and teaching of children with dyslexia. I am also asking for details of relevant research evidence to be sent to me, to add to the growing body of research evidence already being identified by expert advisers.

Today ICT, if used appropriately, is so important for those with learning difficulties, supporting access to learning and enabling stress free communication. And I’m not sure this is fully, understood. There are some excellent tools available to use, from microphones to complex software but these are not automatically or freely turned to in regular mainstream practice.

If you have something to offer go to the site, be an influence!

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