Monday, June 16, 2008


Both Simon Mills and ictopus have blogged last week about StoryPhones a really good looking resource aimed at the Early Years, although I would imagine lots of other people could use them.

The site tells us that

"StoryPhones are a complete wireless audio system that allows children to access audio resources and to record their own stories, songs and thoughts.

StoryPhones can be used to set up independent listening activities or group tasks using the Remote Console. Since they don’t have any wires, they can be used anywhere, indoors or outside. The Console features a built-in microphone for adults or children to record their own ideas and stories. StoryPhones come with supporting software so that you can download stories, manage audio resources or buy new resources online."

They look and sound wonderful, for young children to be able listen under the trees outside or sitting on a cushion in a quiet corner, recording stories and recounts, jokes in fact anything that takes their fancy and hearing them played back.. or the whole class listening as the base also acts as a speaker. They could provide real reasons for talking and listening.

As with every electronic resource available to the practitioner it will be the quality of content and the way it is used that will be the test of it's success.

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