Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Emerging Technologies

Becta’s Emerging Technologies for Learning: volume 3 (2008). is out

It seems it’s becoming an annual publication with volume 1 in 2006 and volume 2 in 2007

As before there are articles from national and international thinkers and practitioners

Each publication features articles on the very new and emerging technologies which may have an impact on life and learning. If you haven't yet looked at the first two it’s worth doing before moving onto volume 3.

Some of the volume 1 emerging technologies are now out of the chrysalis and drying off their wings, for example Mobile Technologies, Social Networks and The Broadband Home.

This third publication includes

What is good to see is that this third document is that it is easily readable online, even if it was not intended to be an online document. I’ve been really frustrated for some time about documents, usually government, that are merely PDF files designed for printing, uploaded with a two column page… read down the page for the first column and back up to the top of the page for the second column… and without links within the document. Come on Becta .. Emerging technologies?.. walk to the talk and how about a podcast version too!

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