Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It was indeed a beautiful day in Derbyshire with plenty of enthusiasm from the teachers about getting out their mobile technologies and having a go.

The use of mobiles phones is always something to talk about and different schools have different approaches to mobile phones in school but they are useful tools and won't go away.

As well as the Spinvox phone to blog entries below we also did some simple data handling on the spot. My mobile phone was connected to the laptop, wired in this case and everyone sent me a text message giving their favourite colour. as they popped up we could see the trends there.. bit worrying about all the black :-)

We looked briefly at Teachers TV mobile phones, mobile minds which is incidentally broadcast live on Friday this week 28th March.

Lots about the PDA including the applications from Wildkey that are really worth looking into to support an outdoor curriculum.

As ever I've extended the event by providing on line reminders of links and ideas in the form of a blog.

The blog format is easy to set up and easy for people to access knowing the web address. It also allows opportunities for comments and sharing of personal resources, although experience shows that on the whole commenting on a blog is not yet part of the culture for the majority of teachers.

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