Thursday, March 13, 2008

Children from Blackburn

They arrived.....nine children and three adults and lots of things to talk about. The children bright, shiny and confident talked us through , with a little help from the adults, the ICT use in their school and illustrated the independence of use through out. There was much to tell and show, heres a flavour.

We heard about ICT in school assembly, two large screens in the hall and in-school prepared DVDs of music and images, there was the lovely stop frame animation, using clay figures, of the Easter Story. They demonstrated how the Wii is used in the breakfast club.

We saw how the foundation stage have an early years desktop and we tried out a favourite activity, Big Cat phonics.

We found about about a school water activity event through a video made by the children which illustrated the excitement and fun of the whole thing.

The children shared their own personal pages with use, illustrating their interests and experiences though video clips, sound story's and text and images.

I ended the session by being a participant in a multiple choice digital story children had created and sadly came to a sticky end!

At the start the head and deputy had told the story of the journey, a determined journey, to create a new school from an amalgamation, where children had every opportunity to use technology to encourage and support independent learning.

The story was a classic illustration of how a clear vision, secure professional judgment and a clear determined strategy leads to success, something of course SLICT participants have been working on for the past few years.

The power of this presentation was "the proof of the pudding" the children and their presentation. Thanks

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