Thursday, March 13, 2008

Celebrating Success in Birmingham

It's the final SLICT conference in Birmingham, Celebrating Success

In his keynote Chris Poole BSF Business Manager at Microsoft is stressing to us that it's not about the technology but the experience.

He is also wondering out loud about ICT transforming learning.

His initial hypotheses is that true transformation is not happening in schools and this partly about the fear of schools loosing control and letting children take control of their own learning.

He's using one of the videos A vision of students today illustrating that young people are in another digital world and dumbing down when they go to school.

Why is this new to people...why haven't the people here noticed the changes..?

This presentation is following the usual path in challenging people to change in the 21st century and is certainly engaging people around me. But will there be a capacity to change..There are lots of us who are working very hard to help it happen.

But I have some children coming from Blackburn to show interactive learning with ICT and their bus is getting closer!

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