Monday, February 18, 2008

BBC resources

I was reminded about two BBC resources last week. Working with a group of headteachers and senior management teams ‘CBBC Me and My Movies’ was mentioned in passing as of value for their children .

Following this, while catching up on my community I saw that Ewan McIntosh had it as one of his links “CBBC me and my movie is a unique film-making initiative inspiring and enabling children to make movies and tell their own stories. The website provides fun, interactive film-making tutorials and a safe space where children can upload, share and rate each other”

Gareth at Primary Resources also comments on it and mentions the inevitable Teachers Pack due soon.

While it could be a really good starting point for a school I would imagine with all it’s support, access to sound clips and the Mash Up feature (make your own movie from our clips) it will be well used in children’s own time. It is for children aged 14 and under and certainly videos cannot be uploaded by those who admit to being older than that. A walled garden which enables creativity in a protected zone..

Then a longstanding virtual acquaintance Simon Widdowson reminded about the BBC Learning Zone video clips. Good quality content clips from a variety of schools programs to be used as appropriate and embed within presentations and as ever free. If anyone is using either of these let me know.

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