Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Agreement 2.0

There were q lot of comment amongst my blogging community about the Panorama programme – One click from danger, Doug Ewan and John being just two. While there was approval some for the sensible suggestions to keep children safe the feeling was it was over sensational. playing on parents fear of the unknown (web 2.0) and would discourage parents, and schools, from allowing their children access to web 2.00 and all it can offer for learning.

Sean the Bass Player, student 2.0 hoping to be studying at School 2.0, also responded from his point of view and took the opportunity to share his tips for internet safety , which one or two schools have then shared with their pupils. He often comments on the constraints the school/LA network protection put on his learning. Here we have all generations in agreement, working and learning together.

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