Friday, January 11, 2008

TeachmeetBETT08....... informal gathering of those curious about technologies and teaching

Before my battery runs out .. I've arrived and it's underway and the first 7 minute speaker has started and I've got vouchers to spend at the bar. (note try and remember to keep Asus charged and not work to hard with it in future)

A quick succession of first speakers sticking to their 7 minute allotted time was followed by a drink and socialising session where lots of people played with the Asus brought by RM for their informal, non-sales, session about them.

The break meant I was able to chat to old friend and with people from various parts of the world mainly GB who had been at BETT.

The next set of presentation included some of the Nano presentations including Doug Dickinson's. So I was able to take the photos of him for the next ICTOPUS publication. But only just.. he moved so quickly around the stage with his cards! An approach that got a good response from the cheering audience!

But unfortunately my evening was beginning to turn into a pumpkin and I had to head for the almost last train to year I'll stay at BETT for another night.

Some techy issues plagued one or two speakers who showed their good nature, flexibility and professionalism and rose above them, especially Viv showing her children blogging with Honeycomb

Many thanks to Ewan for organising TeachmeetBETT08 and I echo the thanks he gave to all those who sponsored the event.

It had a great, almost wild west feel of innovation, excitement and daring-do.. but no shoot-outs at dawn (at least I don't think so). A great innovative buzz to finish my week at BETT .

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