Sunday, January 06, 2008

Secure social networking

Looking for opportunities to enable your pupils to engage in safe social networking, while having the opportunity to learn about personal safety on the internet and reap the benefits.

Take a look at Intuitive Media an award winning site that provides protected social networking and learning spaces - real online communities where children can learn, be creative, communicate and collaborate with other children of all backgrounds and cultures and make their voices heard in a protected environment.
They can work from home, school or where ever they are with the important people, teachers, family friends securely.

For Primary look at SuperClubsPLUS

"a Protected Online Learning Community where 6-12 year olds can meet friends across the UK and overseas, be creative, have fun and learn ICT, Literacy and Citizenship together. Professional mediators are on hand to protect and inspire the children to take their learning home.”

And at SchoolNet Global

an International Publishing Community, which offers resources to use, teacher guidance and support, opportunities to work on international projects with a safe, global audience.

Robert Hart, Director of Research, Intuitive Media Research Services has written an eye-opening profile of the children using their services for Ictopus sharing good practice.

Ictopus is a free support service for Primary Education providing inspiration and support in the form of a weekly magazine and a weekly set of lessons sung ICT. Worth the school joining.

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