Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hello and goodbye at BETT

So who did I meet or bump into for the first time at BETT, putting a body to the blog or public face

Jim Knight MP with Doug Brown DCSF walked into at the Hilton Olympia Wednesday morning after his announcements at BETT.

Bob Geldof in the RM conference room, Olympia 2, looking as tousled as ever and speaking informally to a small group in his hallmark, strident tones.

As I went around the corner of the BBC stand in the Grand Hall Olympia there was a lone figure with a familiar face using a mobile and as I passed close by the voice said ’Hi this is Bill Turnbull'.

Walking across the bar with full glasses one night I stopped to talk to a very suprised Tim Rylands Blogger and supporter, facilitator and mentor to creativity in schools based originally on his use of Myst

While trying to charge my minibook on Friday night.....
Paul Harrington school blogger extraordinaire (with his class), who has actually just left the classroom.. but not I suspect forgotten.

Ewan McGregor Teacher and Social Media specialist who I'm pleased to say organized and ran the TeachmeetBETT08 wonderfully! .. here's to the next one.

Plus lots of old friends on and off the Stands and some I missed, next time perhaps

However there were many old faces who were not at BETT.. sorry you weren't there and for some it would be their last visit.. the world moves on.

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