Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh no not fireworks again!

Much as I love the spectacle of a firework display.. well apart from 4th July on a beach in France when rockets and fireworks were being let off at every angle without any thought for those walking about... night after night since the beginning of November takes the shine off the idea.. Why can't they do it virtually???

Up to ten ….a super site for younger children has a firework game, while you are there take a look at the rest of the site.

or they could play Firework Frenzy

or Online Fireworks

or like Hope Primary school they could design their own

or they could learn to use Flash and create their own virtual display. If anyone has any other links let me know and then I can be prepared to offer virtual firework displays at the next festival.. New Year I think.... bah humbug

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Geoff Dellow said...

Yes, creating a fireworks display with Flash has been a very popular activity over the years in many schools around the world.

In fact only last month two schools in Swansea (primary and secondary) both used the same template independently to create messages linked to November 5th and Christmas. The Nov 5th ones even added poems at the end see

Similarly I was with a Year 5 and Year 6 class in Warrington doing the same project a fortnight ago while at the same time it was being done in Thailand!

For an on-line tutorial on how to do this with your class try - software, template all included!

For further Flash projects for the classroom see