Friday, June 08, 2007

Early Years blogs

Chris Smith of the Shambles in S.E. Asia has been asking his fellow Naace members for examples of early years (3 – 7 years) use of web 2.0 technology.

I’ve sent some and followed up others that have been suggested, see below.

Schools all over the world are using blogs and wikis to communicate with parents, showcase the children’s work and introduce the children to the wider world. Are you?? Let me know. Or even have a go.

Learning Together Year 1 at Teyfanty Primary School in Bristol UK

Voyagers Voyagers - Jody Hayes’ class New Zealand

Mrs Cassidy’s Classroom Blog -Canada

Primary Plant Project - wiki set up by Mrs Cassidy where four schools are talking about growing

L1 Bear Exchange the travels of a Scottish bear

A Duck with a Blog a duck who decided to build her nest in the playground of K-8 school -USA

Trout blog a kindergarten raising a tank full of trout fish from eggs to alevin to trout - USA


Chris Smith said...

Thanks for the pointers ... I've linked to some from Shambles.

Readers might also be interested in which is part of my "Forest of Theme Blogs" .. full list at

Have fun ....

John said...

The Interactive Chatting Teddies blog was a great early years blog.