Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tracking Santa

For all children, everywhere on Christmas Eve, 'Track Santa' with the aid of Norad ( bi-national US-Canadian military organisation responsible for the aerospace and maritime defence of the United Sates and Canada) who have been doing it for over 50 years now, using the technology of the time.

This year Santa can be followed using Google Earth, downloaded to computer or mobile phone, and strategically placed web cams giving realtime glimpses of his journey.

The frequently asked questions section in 'About Santa' give sensible answers to our important questions and, useful for some, technical details about the sleigh. There are seven language to choose from at the beginning.

The real action is of course from December 24th but the site with it's simple games, video and information about Santa, countdown tool ( in seconds) and the option of text in seven languages it would be a valuable tool for creativity and fun in the days before.

So have fun on Christmas Eve!

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