Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ICT, Display and Textease

Having played about with Blockposter I then went to Textease Studio CT which, if you have it, allows for the creation of posters equally simply and quickly

Take a Print Screen of the map and paste into Studio, select the image and use the blue tags to crop it .

Go to the Tools menu Page tab, where paper size A4 is selected and
  1. select Poster Mode
  2. change to Landscape
  3. change the size of paper to the size required
  4. select Scale to screen.
  5. the whole page should be visible with a grid representing the sheets of paper needed.
  6. stretch your image into the size required,
  7. save it
  8. print
The poster facility is useful at all ages but especially with younger children when real authentic images can be used for vocabulary development and story making , pictures of a child for body parts, of a flower from the school garden for naming the parts.
Go on be creative and let me know what you do.

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