Sunday, January 13, 2008

BETT 2008 (2)

Here are a few of the places I stopped by...
A Learning Platform for Early Years/ Primary pupils and their community.

Noisy Things an application to complement all the other noise making things in an early years setting.

WriteOnline from Cricksoft - Work online with all the facilities of Wordbar and Clicker. See what Merlin John has to say about it.

TTS as ever have plenty of useful early years resources.. I watched people making big choices about buying controllable toys for progression in control and for speaking and listening.. Their talk time range, including recordable postcards, talking photo album and Easy Speak continues to excite people..

Honeycomb an online personal space that enables collaborative and creative learning using initially blog and wiki formats.

Reactable project - Future Lab and University of Barcelona. I spent some time ‘composing’ with two members of the project

Microsoft Surface computing

I tried to avoid, all programs to assess, evaluate or measure children, especially the one for early years children, computer furniture and content.. however good it was and some was.

I accepted two Hessian bags to carry my coat and hat on the last day, it could have been paper carrier bags, there were lots of them too, and refused lots of plastic bags, although there were less of them.

Didn't pick up any paper, although the Softease purse size fold up catalogue certainly reduced their carbon footprint.

I used my mobile phone to take pictures of any product that caught my eye so I could look it up on the internet afterwards.

Still asking myself why it was not on-line and coming up with the expected was about the eye contact, informal networking and chance meetings... any other anwers on a postcard...virtual below

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