Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Having returned I was reading around online, and off, catching up, when my attention was drawn to the pop video on You tube I've Got a Crush ... on Obama, The Guardian news blog refers to it as ‘steamy’. Certainly the footage taken against montage photo’s of the man himself alongside the words of the song could give the impression that they met occasionally :-) It’s about manipulating opinion within a very big group of voters and someone hopes to succeed or at least do better than the Clinton effort

This reinforces for me a need for children to have opportunities to become digital literate and to understand that images can falsified easily to show something that is not true, not only by being told but by doing it themselves.
In my collection I have the Dove video showing how an 'ordinary' women can made into the glamorous face on the hoardings, and not entirely by the camera. Here on You Tube again there are some entertaining parodies of the video too.

But often the intention is not to deceive but to enlighten. Take BBC’s new series Fight for Life. In the first episode on birth how would a young and or inexperienced viewer decide whether the images from inside the womb and of the babies were real or computer generated. Wonderful animations they are too.

Perhaps one of these days the avatars on Second Life will be as realistic as the BBC images

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